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For any person who faces criminal charges, court attendance does not have to be intimidating. There is a difference between being charged with an offence and being found guilty of the same.
In Australia, the ‘presumption of innocence’ applies until an accused person is proven by the prosecution in court. Police officers form a part of the prosecution.
Our lawyers at Caspian Legal firmly believe in the ‘presumption of innocence’. Any individual accused of a crime is innocent unless they are proven to be guilty. We aim to make sure that our clients understand their rights if they are charged with any offence, or when communicating with police officers or a prosecutor, so that you are not pressured to ‘plead guilty’ when you are in fact innocent.
Being represented in court is also important, simply because most of us do not have to attend court in our lifetime. It is understandable that we may be overwhelmed or confused when asked to attend court for the first time. Protecting you and your rights is our priority.
For each criminal charge, there are elements which need to be proven to the court beyond reasonable doubt. If any of the elements are not proven, the alleged offender must be acquitted.
If you are charged with any offence, our team is available to review your court attendance notice and other primary documents to help you understand the process step by step, so that you receive a fair trial. We handle a variety of criminal law matters, such as traffic cases, assault charges, Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs), sexual assault offences, drug possession and bail applications, as well as other types of charges.
We will consider all available information and advise you honestly and realistically about your matter before you engage any lawyer or pay any fees.
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Bahareh Akbarian
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I highly recommend Caspian Legal Services. They helped me with a tourist visa application. It was a very smooth and quick process. Ryan is very professional and easy to work with. He helped me to manage my stress and be positive. I cannot thank him enough for their service.
Hossein Majidi
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If you looking for professional services i highly recommend Caspian Legal Services . Mr.Ryan his one of the nicest, reliables.and best lawyer i ever work with.
Milad Power
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Excellent communication, fantastic service, very thorough. Exceptional customer support and service
Monica Ashouripour Ariaee
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Ryan is not only and absolutely a true expert in his field, he is also an extremely compassionate and professional individual who was consistently supportive throughout the process. Always there to talk, to listen and offer advice, he was able to give assurance that my case was strong and provided the right advice at the right time. I would strongly recommend Ryan to anyone requiring support with any aspect of the immigration visa process. He is a champion and a gentleman. Thanks Mr Ryan 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sara Bakhtiari
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Ryan is very knowledgeable and professional. He has great communication skills. He gave me several pieces of advice on different matters which were very helpful. Thank you Ryan and his team.

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